• “Earth Committed to Quality”

About Earth

Earth Supermarket is a joint venture project of EALCO International Investments - Sole Proprietorship LLC and Al Ain Cooperative society (AACS), for the purpose of introducing new line of retail stores. After extensive market research and customer studies Earth supermarkets were launched with the goal of achieving unprecedented customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

Our Brand

Earth Retail concept comprises of Hypermarket, Supermarket and Mart (Convenience Store). With the introduction of E-Commerce solutions the retail stores can attain retail partnerships on a global scale particularly in Asia, East Africa and Middle East countries. This will allow the retail stores the privilege to satisfy all its customers needs ranging from food, non-food products, groceries, cosmetics, electronics, home appliances through to organic products. Earth is committed to offering quality products at best market price.

In addition to the physical stores, Earth Retail has a plan to provide E-Commerce (online shopping) facility to valuable customers through Website, mobile application as well as direct phone call.

Earth Commitment and Sustainability

Earth is committed to provide consistent environmental sustainable services and products to its customers. All necessary infrastructure and processes are aligned to meet this goal.


Our Mission is “to set the benchmark in delivering excellent choice, quality, and service to our customers.”


Our vision is “to be the leading retailer in the Middle East and other region by providing a diverse range of quality goods and services at affordable prices to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Core Values